Amelia Earhart

One afternoon I'd been flying with my father. As he taxied towards his hangar, a small group of people was standing in the way. He turned to the right, shut off his engine and got out of the plane a bit irritated.

Approaching the group, he asked what these people were doing there.

"Waiting for Amelia Earhart," one answered. "She's due any minute."

Placated, Dad asked if I'd like to wait to see her.

Of course, I said. Her flying impressed me, and I knew she was making a solo flight from Honolulu to Oakland.

She landed within fifteen minutes, taxied to where Dad had wanted to park, waved from the cockpit and took an interminable amount of time getting out of the plane.

In those days, it was really a long flight from Honolulu. Flying solo with no automatic pilot required she remain in her seat for many hours. She was taking a long time to unhook the attached bathroom equipment.

Finally unencumbered, she left the plane and joined our group. It was an exciting moment to meet this brave and famous lady.