I was meeting in Chattanooga with a group investing in a condominium then under construction in Cancun. A Tennessee interior designer was specifying our Pacifica Designs and has asked I join her at this meeting in the event I might help her in the sale. It was a big order, so I was pleased to make the trip.

The meeting went well, and I learned they had narrowed their selection down to my designs and those of another whom they'd met with earlier that afternoon. From the tone of the meeting, I gathered that price was the major consideration.

I was attempting to get the attention of the chairman of the group to tell him I was prepared to reduce my costs by ten percent. Thank goodness, he didn't notice me; for he said, "Mr. Jackson, we've selected your furniture. We much appreciate you haven't wavered on the cost. It gives us confidence in you."

Later, I learned our competitor had told them he'd meet any price offered and add a five percent discount.

Sometimes it's best to keep your mouth shut.