The CACAPON sailed directly from Tokyo Bay to Long Beach, but only after I had arranged the transfer of our remaining cargo onto a British oiler.

Traditionally, when a naval vessel arrived back in the United States, the first radio message said, "Congratulations. Welcome Home. Job well done." But ours was different. It inquired, "Is Lieutenant Jackson onboard?" which I'm sure disturbed our captain.

While the ship was due for a dry dock overhaul, we first dropped anchor in the harbor. On a pier nearby, I saw my car with a young lady leaning on the front fender. It was Lulu, and a small boat from shore soon appeared to consummate our reunion.

Friends of ours, Bob and Shirley Greig's daughter is four days older than Lindsay, our first child. Bob's ship had returned four days earlier than mine.

It was six weeks before my replacement as Supply Officer arrived, but these were pleasant weeks. My gracious captain permitted me to spend nights ashore, and Lulu had booked a room at the Huntington Hotel in Pasadena.

Micky Levee, a friend from Stanford days and also awaiting discharge, was living in Beverly Hills. His father, Michael Levee, Sr., had been President of Paramount Pictures but was now a successful agent. Among his many clients were Merle Oberon and Joan Crawford, whose career he'd revitalized by securing her the lead in "Mildred Pierce."

A handsome bachelor, Micky enjoyed the company of a succession of starlets; and we were included in most of his social activities. Always using his father's credit, he took us to expensive restaurants for dinner. Chasen's and Don, The Beachcomber's were two I particularly remember. The food and service was always excellent, and the price was certainly right.

As a boy, Micky suffered from asthma; and his mother thought it best if he lived near the ocean. Her diamond necklace had been stolen, and she used the $22,000 insurance money to acquire a beachside location. She was the pioneer in what is now the Malibu Colony.

My replacement finally arrived, and I was a civilian again. He was carrying a set of golf clubs as he boarded the CACAPON. With the ship scheduled to return to far eastern duty, I have often wondered if his clubs were ever used.