A few years ago, Lulu (she's my patient and tolerant wife) and I were taking a walk in Santarem. We'd joined a cruise ship in Manaus. On its way down the Amazon River, this was one of its stops.

While all other passengers piled into tour busses and where they went I have no idea, we found it more interesting to walk by ourselves in this small city.

Lulu pointed to a building we were approaching. It had a balcony, and on it were three very attractive young ladies and a little girl in a pretty dress.

Intuitively, I turned to Lulu and said, "Them there are hookers."

Shocked, she replied, "How can you say such a thing? They're so nice looking, and that sweet child. Sometimes I just can't understand you." '

I shrugged. We continued walking. As we passed the balcony, one young lady leaned over the railing and called to me, "I love you."

Defeated, Lulu turned in a combination of surprise and indignation and almost snarled, "How come you're so damned smart."