The lawn behind the Royal Hawaiian used to be much larger; but with the addition of many shops along Kalakaua Avenue, the area is now smaller. Today, this would have probably saved me some discomfort and an odorous experience.

Many people were in Honolulu as guests of the Philco Company and were enjoying a very informal cocktail party on the lawn. I got into a discussion with another fellow as to who could run the fastest. I'm sure many cocktails influenced this conversation.

We agreed to have a race and the finish line would be between two palm trees. I came in first but hadn't realized a rope had been stretched between the trees. I hit it just above my knees and took a nasty spill, lost consciousness and almost immediately awakened in the arms of a Tahitian sword dancer who'd just completed a rigorous performance entertaining the more reasonable guests.

It seemed like a good introduction to a beautiful woman if only she had smelled better