In Japan, construction work starts at eight o'clock although the men arrive at the job site a half-hour earlier. Fifteen minutes is spent in supervised group exercises. This completed, the company song is sung. At ten minutes before eight, the workers gather the necessary tools and equipment and take them to their work place. They're now ready to actually start at eight o'clock. At the end of the day, they work until the closing whistle and only then put their gear away for the night.

In department stores, the pattern is similar but the hours are different. The opening is at ten o'clock, but the employees arrive at nine-thirty to ready their department so the first customer can be properly served. Shortly before the store opens, some are stationed at the front doors to bow and extend greetings as customers enter. Others are assigned to the entrance of elevators and the bottom of escalators to perform similarly. The balance of the sales organization is at their sales post bowing, smiling and extending greetings. While stores normally close at six o'clock, employees don't leave at that time. Work areas must be tidied and made ready for the next day but only after the store is empty of customers.