Gerald Godfrey, a friend and business associate from Hong Kong, and I had gone to Chilung, a seaport just east of Taipei, to look at some property. We were considering acquiring or building a furniture factory. Nothing came of this except an invitation to a most unusual dinner.

On the drive back to Taipei, the man who'd been showing us properties, asked if we had plans for dinner that night. When we said we didn't, he asked if we'd be interested in having a "girlie" dinner. When Gerald asked what that was, he was told it was better experienced than explained.

At eight o'clock, he picked us up at the hotel, drove us downtown to an office building where we took the elevator to the fifth floor. I quietly asked Gerald what's this talk about a "girlie" dinner? It certainly couldn't be in this staid building filled with law and accounting offices - with the exception, that is, of the fifth floor. And what an exception it was!

Soft lights, quiet music and lovely young women in traditional attire greeted us in the most formal manner. Six women - two for each of us - led us to a private dining room. There was only seating for three around the table. Instead of chairs, we were sitting on sofas designed for three. At each of our places, one girl sat to the left and the other to the right. The one on the left was responsible for keeping our drinks full a bottle of fine champagne and another of Johnnie Walker Black Label whisky was at each of our places.

The girl on our right was responsible for feeding us - gently, not persuasively. Half-way through dinner, our host clapped his hands and ordered our girls be replaced with six new beautiful young women.

I had so much to drink - and the girls partook as well -- I don't remember what I had for dinner, but it was an unusual meal.