We had reservations to fly from Beijing to Shanghai, but it was necessary to confirm these at the downtown airline office.

"Sorry," the man behind the counter said. "Space is not available on the flight you request. I'm not sure when you'll be able to fly to Shanghai."

Lulu then entered the conversation. Her big, brown eyes filled with tears of disappointment which then ran down her cheeks.

We got the flight we wanted.

It was two or three years later at the Pierre Hotel in New York City when Lulu, once again, pulled her tearful act.

A room overlooking Central Park had been confirmed; but when we arrived, we were told only a room facing 61st Street was available. You guessed it. Lulu started to cry.

Led to a close by table and served a drink on the house, we were asked to wait a bit. Soon, an assistant manager approached to tell us we had the room we wanted.