After we left China in 1975, we flew to Hong Kong for a few relaxing days. While China was exciting to visit, it was a bit trying.

In Hong Kong, we were invited to a small dinner party. Lulu's partner was an attractive Englishman named Colin Tennant. He was interested in our China trip and what business I had conducted there.

Lulu told him and then asked, "Mr. Tennant, what do you do?"

"You might call me a land-owner," he replied. Then, the conversation went on to different subjects.

The next day, we ran into Gerald Godfrey, last night's host. Lulu, always curious, asked about Colin Tennant. Gerald laughed and said, "You might call him a land-owner, but that's quite an understatement. He has a castle in Scotland, property in London's Mayfair and an island in the Caribbean named Mustique. It's just off of St. Lucia," Gerald explained.

"Mustique?" Lulu mumbled. "Isn't that the island "

Gerald finished her sentence, "where Tennant gave some property to Princess Margaret. That's not all," he continued, "his title is Lord Glenconner and his wife is Lady-in-Waiting to Princess Margaret."

Lulu said, "And to think, I asked him what he did."