Having lunch with Vic Bergeron in his office was sometimes a treat - sometimes not. It was here his chef experimented with new dishes on a captive audience. Today's other guest was Bing Crosby who told a memorable story.

A fellow was walking up Market Street in San Francisco and had a feeling he was being followed. Sure enough, there was a penguin behind him. When he stopped for a light, the bird stopped. When he started to cross the street, the penguin was close behind.

He turned into a cigar store with his follower still there. He reached down and picked him up when the clerk asked, "Where'd you get the penguin?"

"He's been following me up the street."

"What are going to do with him?"

"I dunno."

"Why don't you take him to the zoo?"

The next day, the fellow was again at the cigar store still holding the penguin.

"Thought you were taking him to the zoo," the clerk said.

The fellow replied, I did. Today we're going to the ball game."