We were driving up highway 395 from Las Vegas to Reno where we had reserved a room at the Mapes Hotel. Arriving late in the afternoon and short of money, my request they cash my check was refused. I was not known. I tried to contact Walter Ramage, Manager of the Mapes and an acquaintance of many years, but he wasn't available.

Frustrated and in need of cash, I had our luggage brought down from our room and loaded it back into the car. It would be a five hour drive home and a long day.

Some months later, a group of us came over to Reno from Lake Tahoe for lunch at the Mapes, where, by chance, I ran into Walter Ramage.

"Sorry we didn't cash your check when you were here before; but, if you have a moment, come with me," Ramage said. He led me to a crap table in the casino where we were alone with the croupier.

He told me, "Put $20.00 on the 'come' line." The croupier pushed over a selection of dice, and I threw a seven. I now had $40.00. "Just leave it there," I was told, "and keep rolling."

My $40.00 became $80.00 then $160.00, $320.00 and $640.00 when Ramage said, "Better stop now. I hope we're even."